Entertainment & Film Production Security


Entertainment & Film Production Security

From location and base camp security to access control and equipment security, our team of security professionals have the proven experience and capability to mitigate the full spectrum of security and safety risks associated with entertainment and film production. Even in the most challenging or adverse locations, our proven approach to identifying and managing risk, mitigates costly delays or harm to the crew, cast, and perhaps the production itself.

Regardless of the type or extent of the risks posed to those whose public profile attracts significant attention, we have a record of success in providing an appropriate level of protection without impeding legitimate and necessary access to the person or people being protected.

Our team’s exceptional experience in planning and managing the safety and security for red carpet events, premieres, press tours, and public appearances lend itself to ensuring post-production events are seamless, engaging and that brand equity and reputation are not just protected but elevated by the quality of the event.