Secure Ground Transportation

C-Suite Executives


Secure Ground Transportation

While secure transportation of the Chief Executive Officer, President, and other key personnel is crucial, it is often the most overlooked facet in any safety program.  Quite often, many companies rely on standard limousine services.

More regrettable is the use of request-based on-demand transportation services to transport their company’s greatest assets, its C-Suite Executives.  Rarely, if ever, do these drivers have any formal training in advanced driving techniques or possess a security mindset, or basic understanding of security concepts.  

Motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of death in the United States, and, statistically, most violent attacks on targeted persons occur in or around the motor vehicle. 

Omnium’s Security Drivers are trained to detect and avoid situations where the safety of the vehicle and passenger may be compromised.  Omnium is partnered with the Gold Standard in security driver training to guarantee our personnel receive the finest training available.