What Separates Us

Omnium Protection Group delivers intelligent security solutions for an ever-changing world, individually tailored to the unique needs of corporations, hospitality venues, educational settings, religious institutions, film production projects, and at-risk individuals.

Omnium provides national and international clients with comprehensive risk management and mitigation solutions through a broad suite of proactive strategies.

Our Story, Our Commitment

What differentiates Omnium from every other security provider in the region? It’s quite simple…we genuinely care about what we do and who we employ.

Omnium was not founded to simply be another stereotypical security provider in a market oversaturated by mediocracy. Omnium was created with the goal to be the very best at what we do, regardless of the effort required to accomplish this mission.

Partnering before profit is our philosophy. In contrast to large national vendors, Omnium does not view every customer as merely another profit center in a vast portfolio. We view our valued clients as integral members of the Omnium family, as partners with whom we share responsibility.

In selecting Omnium to be their security partner, our partners put an enormous amount of trust in our company to represent their brand. We respect and value the level of confidence required to reach such a decision and do not want to disappoint.

Regardless of the size and scope of the task, Omnium has an obligation to fulfill its pledge of quality service and do whatever it takes to ensure our client’s objectives are not only met, but exceeded every time. By forging strong partnerships with our valued clients, based on a foundation of trust and respect, Omnium enjoys long-term relationships that prove to be mutually beneficial.

Our recruiting, training, management of performance metrics, technology services, and account transitions all exemplify the fact that Omnium has invested tremendous efforts into these areas to assure our clients are provided with the absolute best service in the industry.

By continuously improving our company, we add value to our clients’ security programs. We achieve this by leveraging our established partnerships with respected and vetted global affiliates in various domains such as transportation, technology, psychology, law enforcement, and other distinct areas.

Our goal is to do business with clients who realize there is genuine benefit in partnering with a company that is proactive, responsive, and flexible regarding client demands.

Clients who recognize there is genuine value in partnering with a company that is proactive, responsive, truly values customer service and quality, will find it rewarding to work with Omnium.

Security is a crowded marketplace, but Omnium stands apart from the rest.


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