Case Study:
Workplace Violence Intervention

Our client, based in Texas, stands as one of the premier privately-owned industrial assembly manufacturers globally . Catering to sectors such as chemicals, energy, engineering, manufacturing, metals, mining, and construction, they boast an impressive footprint with twenty locations throughout the United States.

Omnium’s Approach


The focus of this project was the safeguarding of both a key manufacturing and distribution center and its personnel in California, following acts of vandalism and serious threats posed by a disgruntled individual.

Omnium Protection Group deployed an armed security team, comprising both active and veteran law enforcement officers experienced in workplace violence mitigation to the site within two hours of notification. This prompt action ensured the establishment of a fortified environment, ready to counter any unauthorized access or aggressive behavior from the individual in question.

The situation escalated when credible threats were directed at various senior employees within a day of the initial incident. Recognizing the heightened risk, Omnium expanded its protective measures to include the corporate headquarters and extended security coverage to the private residences of three high-profile employees. A comprehensive background check on the individual uncovered a history of criminal activities and confirmed gang ties, prompting collaboration with local law enforcement authorities for an enhanced security approach.

Omnium’s vigilant security presence was sustained over several weeks, culminating in the apprehension of the individual for parole violations, leading to their subsequent incarceration.


Omnium Protection Group’s rapid and decisive actions not only protected the client’s facilities against potential threats but also ensured the safety and peace of mind of key personnel during a critical period. The successful management of this situation underscores Omnium’s capability to swiftly mobilize and implement effective security solutions in response to immediate threats.

Omnium Protection Group remains at the forefront of providing tailored security solutions, ensuring peace of mind for our clients and steadfast protection of their assets while reducing their exposure to risk.