Case Study:
Enhanced Asset Protection

Our client is a renowned leader in the global real estate sector, with headquarters in Singapore. They operate prestigious hotel brands spread over four continents, marking their presence in 80 key locations worldwide.

Omnium’s Approach


The project centered on a historic property in St. Louis, MO, situated within a region notorious for high crime rates. Having been vacant for an extended period, the site became a hotspot for theft and vandalism and, unfortunately, a haven for homeless individuals and those battling substance addiction.

Responding with urgency to the situation, Omnium Protection Group mobilized an armed security contingent composed of seasoned former and active law enforcement professionals. This swift action facilitated the establishment of a secure perimeter, effectively restricting unauthorized entry.

In the subsequent phase, our strategy included the deployment of three specialized canine units. These teams conducted exhaustive searches within the premises, ensuring the eviction of unauthorized occupants and the confiscation of illicit substances.

Recognizing the importance of a holistic security strategy, Omnium undertook a detailed physical security evaluation of the property. This comprehensive analysis aimed to identify any vulnerabilities that could potentially jeopardize the site’s security or increase legal liabilities for the owners. The findings of
this assessment were meticulously documented in a 91-page report, offering clear insights and actionable recommendations.


The concerted efforts of Omnium’s dedicated twelve-member team deployed for the duration of the project delivered unwavering 24/7 protection throughout the property’s renovation phase, highlighting several key achievements:

  • Rapid Mobilization: Omnium’s ability to quickly mobilize highly trained armed security personnel, demonstrating unparalleled response capability.
  • Seamless Communication: The implementation of advanced GPS-based communication tools ensured that all stakeholders and the security personnel on the ground were informed of real-time updates.
  • Strategic Flexibility: Omnium adapted swiftly to evolving requirements, coordinating virtual meetings for in-depth discussions and promptly arranging on-site evaluations by a dedicated assessment team.
  • Commitment to Excellence: The successful completion of this assignment reaffirmed Omnium Protection Group’s unwavering
    dedication to delivering customized and effective security solutions to our esteemed clientele.

Omnium Protection Group remains at the forefront of providing tailored security solutions, ensuring peace of mind for our clients and steadfast protection of their assets while reducing their exposure to risk.