Comprehensive Threat-Risk-Vulnerability Assessments (TRVA)

In-Depth Analysis for Informed Security Decisions

Omnium specializes in conducting comprehensive Threat-Risk-Vulnerability Assessments (TRVA), a critical process used for identifying and quantifying information vital for informed decision-making regarding security and safety threats. It involves a systematic analysis of potential factors that could pose risks to the organization, evaluates existing safeguards, and determines the resultant risks.

Executive Protection

Underestimating Risk Can Create Liability

It is common to underestimate risks in day-to-day operations, yet neglecting these can lead to unnecessary and significant liabilities. Staying vigilant and proactive is key to preempting potential dangers before they escalate into serious concerns. Our focus is to help organizations recognize and address these risks effectively.

What is the CARVER Method?

A Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) is an understanding of the threats, weaknesses, and probability of attack, which could impact a facility, person, system or event.

As such, the CARVER Target Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment Methodology is a time-tested vulnerability assessment methodology that balances efficiency with reliability.

It is a unique analytical tool because it facilitates both a qualitative and a quantitative assessment of an asset’s vulnerabilities.  Most assessment tools are limited to qualitative assessments. A quantitative assessment assists in highlighting vulnerabilities, prioritizing assets and remedial efforts.

Methodical Analysis & Strategic Security Planning:
Unpacking the TRVA Process

The essence of the TRVA process is to critically analyze an organization’s operational procedures in the
context of safety and security. We identify vulnerabilities and risks associated with personnel, assets,
and facilities, and prioritize necessary response measures. While subjective qualitative assessments
suffice for most evaluations, high-risk scenarios may demand a more rigorous quantitative approach.
Our goal is to develop a comprehensive strategy that aligns with the client’s immediate and future
physical security needs.

Delivering Tailored Protection Strategies

The TRVA forms the basis for senior management to make well-informed decisions, enhancing security
systems in a cost-effective manner while achieving an acceptable level of residual risk. Omnium’s
expertise spans across life safety, physical security, technology, counter-terrorism, and security
management planning. Our experienced team ensures each assessment is thoroughly conducted and
yields practical, actionable insights.

Our findings culminate in a detailed report that comprehensively reviews and documents all aspects of a
client’s security requirements. This report is crafted to be easily understandable and to align with the
client’s strategic and tactical security program needs, providing a clear blueprint for enhancing their
security posture.