Executive Protection

In an increasingly turbulent world, discerning organizations are becoming exceedingly aware that protecting their most valuable assets has never been more essential.

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Hotel Security Programs

For many of New England’s most notable hospitality environments and upscale residences, Omnium is the only provider they entrust their safety, security, and brand representation.

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Faith-Based Support

At one-time schools, churches and temples were considered safe havens, free from the fears and concerns of violence.

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Secure Ground Transportation

While secure transportation of the Chief Executive Officer, President, and other key personnel is crucial, it is often the most overlooked facet in any safety program.

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Workplace Threat Intervention

The ramifications of a serious workplace incident for any company, large or small, would be catastrophic.

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Event & Conference Security

Proactive safety planning by event organizers is an essential Duty of Care obligation.

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National & Global Security Support

Omnium can provide security solutions across the nation and around the globe by leveraging our extensive network of trusted strategic partners…

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Entertainment & Film Production Security

From location and base camp security to access control and equipment security, our team of security professionals have the proven experience…

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