Omnium’s Services For
Complete Security

Executive Protection

Executive Safety

As the complexities of our world continue to unfold, it’s become clear that there’s an unparalleled urgency for forward-thinking organizations to safeguard their most precious assets. The stakes have never been higher.

National Global Security Support

National & Global Security Support

Experience unparalleled security, anywhere in the world. Leveraging our robust network of strategic partners, Omnium brings you trusted and effective security solutions no matter your location.

Faith Based Organization Security

Faith Based Support

Schools, churches, and temples were once revered as sanctuaries of peace, untouched by the shadows of violence, it’s clear that times have changed.  Omnium is ready to support your organization from day one.

Executive Protection

Secure Transportation

In a world where risk is constant, ensuring the safety of your CEO, President, and other key figures is paramount. Don’t let this critical aspect of secure transportation be your organization’s blind spot.

Executive Protection

Hotel Security

Consider your safety, security, and reputation non-negotiables. For many esteemed hospitality settings and luxury residences across New England, they’ve made the choice: Omnium. It’s more than just a service.

Executive Protection

Workplace Threat Intervention

Imagine the impact of a major workplace incident on your organization, regardless of its size. The repercussions could be devastating. Omnium is ready to help you keep your people safe.

Event Conference Security

Event & Conference Security

Your commitment to safety goes beyond a simple checklist – it’s a Duty of Care obligation. Embracing proactive safety planning is the key to ensuring every attendee can enjoy the occasion, worry-free.

Executive Protection

Entertainment & Film Production

From location and base camp security to access control and equipment protection – every detail is meticulously handled. Envision a team of security professionals working to keep your assets safe.