Welcome to Your Safe & Secure Environment with Omnium

Unmatched Experience for Your Peace of Mind

Imagine your organization running like a well-oiled machine, led by a team that not only sets inspiring goals and oversees operations but also ensures safety at every turn. In this vision, peace of mind isn’t a luxury—it’s a given.

Enter Omnium Protection Group—your partner in creating that safe and secure environment. Our diverse management team is respected across the industry, bringing together a formidable 150 years of combined experience in both private security and public law enforcement sectors.


Our Security Associates: The Heart of Omnium

The heart and soul of Omnium are our Security Associates (SA)—the individuals who stand as your first line of defense, acting as both ambassadors for our brand and protectors of yours.

More Than Just Qualified – They’re Passionate

But it’s more than just their role. It’s about who they are. The professionals we bring into our fold are more than just highly qualified and well-trained. They’re individuals who are passionate about their work, committed to ensuring the safety of your esteemed brand and all it represents.

Adaptable and Prepared for Your Unique Needs

Whether it’s our suit-clad, unarmed Security Associates or our armed Executive Protection Facilitators, every member of the Omnium team is prepared to serve in the culture and environment they’re assigned. With us, you can rest assured that you have the depth and resources necessary to maintain a secure environment and a successful organization.