Faith-Based Support


Faith-Based Support

At one-time schools, churches and temples were considered safe havens, free from the fears and concerns of violence. Unfortunately, in today’s hostile climate, these places are considered nothing more than Soft Targets for those with nefarious intentions who wish to inflict catastrophic violence and terror on society. 

These institutions are extremely vulnerable and require a specialized approach to bolster their security posture while not causing undue anxiety to students, parents, congregants, and employees. This requires well-trained, qualified security professionals who recognize the immeasurable level of responsibility they have been tasked with. 

Omnium’s integrated program employs a multi-layered strategy to reduce risk by preventing acts of violence and mitigating the potential impact of events through preparation and adequate response. 

At Omnium, we take this commitment and responsibility very seriously.  In conjunction with Omnium’s rigorous vetting system, we have designed custom web-based and live training programs. Ongoing training ensures our Associates maintain proficiency in the necessary skill sets to effectively address risk factors.