Workplace Threat Intervention


Workplace Threat Medigation

The ramifications of a serious workplace incident for any company, large or small, would be catastrophic. Employee injury and/or death, civil liability, damage to company reputation, and the resultant financial loss for a violent workplace incident could have a devastating and irreparable impact on a company. Workplace violence may be avoided or minimized if employers take appropriate precautions. Neglecting to adopt even the most rudimentary steps to adequately address these risks creates potential liability for employers.

Omnium’s team of dedicated security professionals recognizes there is a delicate balance between concern and consolation for employees impacted by organizational change and the implementation of prudent security measures.

Accordingly, we place emphasis on assessing potential risks and educating our clients on the most appropriate steps required to address prevailing risks, concerns, and potential liabilities while taking measures to ensure the company’s reputation does not suffer undue harm.