Hotel & Hospitality Security Partner

Your Trusted Partner For Unparalleled Security & Safety

Imagine the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve entrusted your safety, security, and brand representation to the best in the business. For many of New England’s finest hospitality environments and upscale residences, that trust is placed firmly in Omnium Protection Group.

Hotel Security

A Seamless Addition to Your Team

Think of a security team that blends so seamlessly with your internal team that it feels like they’ve always been a part of your organization. Picture professionals who not only look the part with their impeccable appearance but also communicate effectively, respectfully, and with a focus on the customer at every interaction.

More than Just Security

Imagine security that goes beyond access control and simple presence. With Omnium, you get a partner that understands how crucial your brand and reputation are. Envision every guest or tenant experience enhanced by a security presence that’s as dedicated to their positive experience as you are, managing issues professionally and as unobtrusively as possible.

Our Commitment to Excellence

This vision becomes a reality through our unique training programs, hands-on management approach, and a commitment to quality assurance and continuous improvement. The result? Your confidence in our services is reflected in your Guest Satisfaction Index surveys – the ultimate testament to our team’s dedication.

Experience the Omnium difference and see why we’re trusted by the best to deliver the best. Your safety, security, and satisfaction are our highest priority.